This may seem cliche as I’m sure there have been a lot of people discussing this in the last few days, but I think it’s still important.

UNC’s run to the National Championship game, one year after losing in the final, is nothing short of extraordinary. Not that people viewed this team as lacking the talent to do so, but in the sense of the strength of mind it takes to accomplish such a feat.

The average person will never know what this means to players on the basketball team, but I can tell you what it means to me. It has given me a new definition of redemption, a first hand experience so sweet that I’m not sure it will ever be topped. I can only begin to imagine what the players felt, what Roy Williams felt. Some of the things on twitter provide a good example of this, including this video, the UNC basketball twitter account simply put up with one word, Redeemed.

It is one of the more powerful videos I’ve seen. The raw emotion on Isaiah Hicks’ face, the one player who deserved a National Championship more than anyone, is so unbelievably moving. Seeing the net being placed over this head by Roy Williams is grand. I know this is something he will never forget.

And I know this championship will be something I never forget. The 55 thousand people who rushed Franklin Street after the final buzzer sounded won’t ever forget it either.

One year after heartbreak, here we are. What a way to end senior year. I will always be thankful for this everlasting experience and for truly understanding what it feels like to see my childhood dream to be achieved, a National Championship while a student at the greatest university in the world.


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