I’m sitting here watching the Miami/Syracuse game currently taking place at the Barclays Center on ESPN and the first thing that came to my mind is, where is the Syracuse crowd? Isn’t this the whole reason the tournament was moved to Brooklyn?

Granted, the crowd is starting to fill in, but that’s mainly because Duke is about to play.

I get the reasoning behind it and I don’t have a problem with the tournament moving around every once in a while. Attendance for the 2016 tournament in Washington was down almost 16k from attendance for the 2015 tournament in Greensboro. Greensboro actually holds more people than the Verizon Center in Washington, but the fact that the tournament regularly sells out in Greensboro tells you all you need to know about college basketball in the triangle.

The tournament won’t be back in Greensboro until 2020, that of course is reliant on HB2 being repealed. Regardless, it shouldn’t leave for 5 years. Greensboro is the center of ACC basketball. You can add teams from the west coast and I’d still consider Greensboro the center.

To me, it’s all about tradition, it’s all about tobacco road, and the original ACC teams. After 2020, I hope we bring the ACC tournament back to Greensboro for good.



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