Not too many people are familiar with how the NCAA infractions committee works or who it is made up of, but recently I’ve tried my best to keep up with it considering UNC is currently under investigation by the NCAA.

I’ll start things off by saying first and foremost, I am convinced the NCAA is corrupt. I think college sports would be better off if they were governed by conferences regardless of the corrupt nature of the NCAA.

Recently, the NCAA sent UNC a third Notice Of Allegations (NOA). This one was amended and added charges back in that were in the first NOA. This is where things get interesting because the committee of infractions (COI) encouraged the NCAA enforcement staff to submit a new NOA even though there was no “new” evidence supporting the reversal back to the original allegations.

That leads to a bigger issue, and my biggest issue with the NCAA and particularly the COI at this moment. The COI is chaired by Greg Sankey, who is also the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). How is this fair? Particularly in the case of the NCAA and Ole Miss. Why is the commissioner of the SEC allowed to preside over infraction hearings and such against one of his member schools?

Whether or not one wants to admit it, there is an implicit bias for Sankey, there has to be. He is going to be partial to the conference that pays his salary and the conference that provides personal successes to him.

I suggest the NCAA, while it should be dissolved, at least attempt to promote impartialness, which it is obviously failing to do by putting institution members and conference commissioners on its committee of infractions.

There should be an independent investigative unit, one without members of institutions within the NCAA. Until this happens, there is no way to believe or prove the punishments and the findings to be fair or impartial.


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